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10th Interethnic Interfaith Leadership Conference Registration

10IILC Registration Form
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Instruction 申請表填寫說明
Please fill the form correctly. Admission fee for the 3 and half day conference is $40.00.

The conference facility has a cafeteria but does not open to public. If you wish to eat at the conference, please select the meals in this form.

Payment Options
Please calculate your total payment amount, and make payment through our Paypal donation portal ( . We will issue conference information and a receipt to your email.


研習營場所有餐廳, 但是不對外銷售餐飲。如果您需要在會場餐廳就餐,請在表格下選擇適合您的餐飲。

請自己計算對應的付款總額,然後用公民力量的Paypal捐款網頁付款 (。 收到申請後,我們會把研習營信息以及付款收據email給您。
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April 27 四月27日
April 28 四月28日
April 29 四月29日
April 30 四月30日
Total Amount (Please add the meals and admission fee) *
付款數額 (請自行計算:餐飲+會費)
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