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Latest Feedback from Dawu Group on Yibao’s Support for Chinese Private Enterprises

Latest Feedback from Dawu Group on Yibao’s Support for Chinese Private Enterprises

Yibao, Citizen Power Initiatives for China’s online magazine, has recently published three articles submitted by China’s Dawu Group about difficulties facing it.  The most recent of the three was published as an issue of our bilingual CPIFC Series. Yibao received a feedback from Dawu Group over last weekend. As requested by Dawu, we are publishing the feedback.

  1. The CCTV program team “tanshi shuoli(Talk & Reason)” came to Dawu Group yesterday to follow up on the issue of real-name reporting. In the near future, our company will organize a seminar on the topic of “Health Township”. If the court still holds a hearing on our case around Oct. 30th and we lose this case, we will definitely appeal after November 5th and will not surrender.
  2. Although President Xi Jinping has stated to support private enterprises, several articles recently published by the Dawu Group have also been widely spread and the local government also has sent a lobbyist to our company, our case hasn’t been adjourned in the Gaobeidian court and the director of local land bureau hasn’t been dismissed so far. It seems that the future of this case remains unclear.
  3. Thanks to Yibao for republishing this article to support Chinese private enterprises. The following contents have greatly encouraged the employees of our company:





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