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Lee Teng-Hui, Former President of Taiwan, Supports Global Prayer Day for Chinese Tiananmen Anniversary

May 22, 2014 – Initiatives for China / Citizen Power for China, Washington D.C.


Former Taiwanese President Lee Tenghui issued a prayer for the 25th Commencement of the June 4Tiananmen Square Massacre, becoming a powerhouse for mobilizing support for the global prayer on the eve of China’s historic 1989 event.

In his prayer, President Lee recognized history’s condemnation of China’s “violent crackdown of the people’s efforts for democracy and freedom” 25 years ago, observing that such condemnation “has never been changed since, in the past quarter century.”

Emphasizing the power of faith, President Lee called on the Chinese people to pursue such faith with human rights and universal values. “Only based on this foundation can China see a fundamental change from authoritarianism to democracy,” he said. “The nature and democratization of future China depends on the faith and ideals of the people who are in power and on grassroots in pursuit of democratization.”

The president expressed his intent to pray on June 4 for the Chinese people in their continued fight for democracy and freedom. Professing a “deep love for Taiwan”, President Lee called on the Taiwanese people to join him in prayer for China, “in hope for a democratic and free country, freedom from its old dynastic traditions, and for its people to live a democratic and free life.”

President Lee was once dubbed “Mr. Democracy” by the global community because of his extraordinary contributions to the “Quiet Revolution” that transformed Taiwan in the 1990’s. The democratization of Taiwan bears a special weight in terms of international democracy building. Taiwan’s success in achieving democracy implies a great deal to China’s mainland, as both sides share the same Chinese civilization. With nearly a quarter of the world’s population, China’s democratization will bear an enormous influence on the global progression of peace and civilization of all human beings.

President Lee Teng-Hui gives lecture to 9th Interfaith Interethnic Leadership Conference Delegates

A few weeks ago, President Lee had a meeting in Taiwan with participants of the 9th Interfaith/Interethnic Leadership Conference, including Initiatives for China (aka Citizen Power for China). There, the president said that China’s democratization is among the greatest wishes of his life.  In pursuing his democratic vision, the 92-year old Mr. Democracy has worked for the future of Taiwan, the well-being of the Chinese people, and all of modern civilization. President Lee is an inspiration and a powerhouse for Chinese democratization, and is a noble example of Taiwanese politicians who fight fearlessly for universal values and their principles, with deep love for Taiwan.

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